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‘Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent’

In March 2010, I was a Winner of Women On Their Way Awards in the ‘Start Up’ Category and on winning this award, I was very lucky to win 3 hours of Business Mentoring from Gill Fielding, who starred in the series ‘The Secret Millionaire’. Over the 3-hour sessions I had with Gill she helped me completely refresh my whole Business Plan and helped me with the financial side. After each of my phone sessions with Gill I felt so motivated and I knew which direction I wanted to work in when before I felt I had so many ideas but weren’t concentrating on just one of them.

It made me realise what impact Gill has had on my thoughts and business. Running your own business from home isn’t easy and sometimes it can be lonely. Going to work in an office or environment where there is other people means that you can get support when needed but what happens when you haven’t got someone to do that? Business Mentoring offers the support when you want it.

I am passionate about helping small business develop, whether you are starting out or expanding. I have worked with people by offering them advice, support, knowledge and contacts to help them drive forward. Watching these individual people then achieve there dreams is so inspiring and it is something close to my heart.

I offer one hour Mentoring sessions and I would recommend these sessions be at least once a month but most people like to do weekly/fortnightly depending on individual circumstances. You may wish to do a one off session and/or a few and the amount you take is up to you. The sessions are done over the phone, Skype or email. If you live within the Midlands area then these sessions can also be carried out face-to-face.

One hour sessions cost £25 each and I also offer a block booking of ten sessions for £225, giving you one session free.

"Hi Laura, I can't thank you enough for the focus you have given me whilst we have been meeting up over the last 10 weeks. Without our regular meetings I would still be going around in circles, busily writing to-do lists, but not knowing where to start! THANK YOU!! More excited than ever now for the future of my business, and your enthusiasm and support has meant a lot" - Alix Hay (Business Mentoring Client)

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